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Kamey International Ltd

Region: Bulgarien | Kategorie:
Kamey International Ltd
Liulin 8, bl. 803, ent. D, ap. 103
Kamey International Ltd

Beschreibung / Leistungen:

If you need to transport your goods regardless of which country in Europe ,
we will help you the most – great pleasure at competitive prices.
        Kamei International company is open in 2012 with core business providing services in the field of international road transport and forwarding. Our goal is to facilitate most of their partners in the import and export related to their business , as this work motivated and responsible professionals in the international transport of goods.
        As destinations we cover every country in Europe. About the loads have the opportunity to organize any type of goods such as groupage , full loads ( 13.60 meters ) , dangerous goods (ADR), cargo volume (120 cc ) , specialized transport such goods temperature regime and others.

We hope to help you in the future and build better business relationships. Do not hesitate to contact us .

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